Not Our Monsters

Preston Fassel

Preston Fassel

Preston Fassel is a Rondo Award nominated author whose work has appeared in Rue Morgue Magazine, Screem Magazine, and He is the author of Remembering Vanessa, the first published biography of English actress Vanessa Howard, which appeared in the Spring 2014 issue of Screem.

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  • John Slade

    3 years

    Those monsters don’t speak to modernity. They used to after WW1. But now, not so much. Godzilla, and Rodan still speak to us because of the continuing threat of Nuclear destruction. While quaint, these monsters are of another age of simple science without the heaviness of Armageddon. If I ran Universal I would have started with the Gill Man. Notice how Revenge Of The Creature has a Jurassic Park sequence? Perfect for modernity? The writer of the article is right on this idea that these monsters are actually culturally obsolete. Nice read.