How Do You Define “Free Work” as a Writer?

Mike Epifani

Mike Epifani

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Quality film, writing, people, whiskey and a hope for a better society get Mike up in the morning. Knowing there’s roughly 10 trillion galaxies in the universe keeps him up at night. Sunlight frightens him. Basic human decency and critical thinking excite him.

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  • Leslie Hatton

    1 week

    “if we assume these literary journal editors aren’t sociopaths like all libertarians” HAHAHA! This made me LOL.

    I feel like we are on the same page. It depends. Some places are set up so that I feel like even though they don’t pay, submitting to them and having my work published means paying opportunities might eventually come my way. Also, those avenues tend to have more creative freedom which is always nice. Other places seem to expect miracles from writers for no pay and then on top of that, they offer you disrespect and petty behavior (no names mentioned).

    I am always happy to take a look at someone’s work and give my editing advice if that person is trustworthy or a good friend. But I certainly wouldn’t do that for everyone because my time is valuable and I also don’t want to get suckered in to helping someone who is too cheap to pay and taking advantage of me.

    It’s the struggle! Truly it is.